Sorcerer - Theotserver

The sorcerer is the class that has focused most on one thing, and that is pure power. A sorcerer has a low amount of defensive abilities and support-spells for himself. He will not be able to support his friends; the sorcerer is one piece of pure evil. It has death and fire as its only elements, and it will turn its enemies into ash and dust. The sorcerer uses its death-element for focused damage, known as the “sudden death”. However, the “sudden death” is not only 1 attack, it is a large collection of different death attacks that is so powerful it goes under the category “sudden death”. The fire-element is used for area damage. With those attacks, it will deal high damage to enemies in its surroundings, with a cruel burning after-attack that only can be cleansed druids or water.

*Can shoot SD runes.
*Can deal high dmg with it's powerful SD runes and custom spells.

*Cannot wear shields.
*Cannot wear wands/rods.
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