Promotions - Theotserver

To get promoted, you will have to complete 2 tasks: Choosing your class, and obtaining level 300. When you choose to get promoted, your level will be set to back 1, however, your skills, magic-level and equipment will not be touched. When you start levelling now, you will receive more mana and health per level, definitely worths it.

Each class will have its own promotion, and the promotion itself is pretty easy. It will give you advantages such as higher regain, more player speed and player attack-speed, more health and mana points per level and also access to new areas and quests. A promoted class will automatically obtain more reputation and respect in the server, since a promoted class requires time, skills and patience.

When you are promoted, you will activate experience on killing players (PVP-E activated). You will also be awarded with new spells that will help you a lot in different combats.

Here is a list of promoted classes names

# Demonic Sorcerer
# Wise Druid
# Furious Warden
# Veteran Hunter
# Heroic Conqueror
# Mighty Guardian
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