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This is a custom server, be expected to find a different game play
IP: • Client version: 8.60 • Accounts in database: 188 • Players in database: 247

Last joined us: Karf, player number 247. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Snotface (393). Congratulations!

|In-game commands •• Events •• Classes and vocations •• Frequently answered questions|

Download Client 8.60 and IP-Changer

<<<First you choose your class at level 100 then on reaching level 300 you get promoted>>>


You are currently below level 100 and you are: (one of them)

Warrior Mage Paladin

At level 100 you are are becoming a: (one of them)

Guardian Conqueror Druid Sorcerer Hunter Warden



At level 300 you are promoting to: (one of them)

Heroic Guardian Mighty Conqueror

Wise Druid Demonic Sorcerer

Veteran Hunter Furious Warden

Still cant decice? you might check our Vocation-guide section!

03.05.19 20:56:48 - Map
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